- Basics of Cuemaking 101-

Cue CAD Drawing

I get messages at least once a week asking me about cuemaking. This drawing

was made in 1995 and put in my shop directly over the main lathe. Everyone who

has come into the shop since then has commented on the drawing and asked for

a copy. Plotting a copy of a drawing of this size is pretty expensive. Since it has

been requested, I am going to offer copies of this drawing for sale.

It is 36" X 30" and suitable for framing (if you can find a frame that size). There

is one hanging on the pool room wall of a very close friend. He says that the drawing

draws more examination than anything else in the room. Is this just a guy thing?

Upon close examimation you can see how a cue is made (at least my way). The

measurements are not industry standard, heck, what custom cuemaker goes by

standard sizes.

All the above was written in 1996.  I am now retired and traveling.  
You can usually find me traveling around the Western US with my wife 
in our 32' Fifth Wheel.  We have been on the road since 1999.

I have received so many requests for the drawing since my retirement 
that I have decided to again make it available to the public.  Of course, 
times change and the price has gone up a bit.  Not much.  It is still 
quite expensive to print this out and send.  I'm still on the road, so 
Chuck Cooper in Florida is going to be handling this for me.  Chuck 
is the guy to contact for any questions.  


Drawing (Black on white)			$35.00
Drawing (Color)					$60.00
CueMaster signature (if desired)		$ 5.00

Shipping and handling (DHL ground)		$ 10.00 ( + $8.50 if COD )

Payment options:

Pre pay at https://www.paypal.com/ using Chuck's e-mail address:
c00perc@cox.net (Note that 'c00perc' is spelled with zeroes instead of 'O's).  
Costs you nothing and is very convenient

COD - Costly and inconvenient for both of us, but if it must be ...

If you want the drawing framed, let Chuck know and he will give you a seperate quote.